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NaiYaRa Gets Closer to Opening

Chef Piyarat Arreeratn a.k.a Chef Bee's much anticipated Thai restaurant, NaiYaRa, is one finalized logo closer to opening. Inspired by the cuisine and cooking methods of the street-side chefs know as hawkers from his native Thailand, the logo features an important symbol in Thai culture. Per his team, elephants have long been representative of "honorable qualities to which the Thai people aspire: long life, patience, serenity, honesty, hard work, and family." The logo (pictured above) is also reflective of the restaurant's design, which will incorporate the colors, materials and elements found in Thai street scenes. For more details on what's coming, check out our interview with the chef. And don't forget to send intel our way if you have it. Here's the tipline.
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1854 Bay Road, Miami Beach

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