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Week in Reviews for Basil Park and Jimmie's Cafe 47

Food critic Zachary Fagenson boldly says Tim Andriola's Basil Park "will change how you eat" adding that the chef/owner "turns out a vast menu that is as nuanced and hearty as it is nourishing." He thoroughly describes multiple dishes and concludes with this:

A half-century of processed food has skewed diners' perceptions and palates. Andriola is unraveling both while making pristine flavors and techniques a priority. The hardest part of it all, it seems, is luring diners from Miami's central and southern reaches up to Sunny Isles Beach.

Over on Clean Plate Charlie, Sara Ventiera delves into the world of Jimmie's Chocolates and Cafe 47. "Only in South Florida could an iconic chocolate shop give birth to a Caribbean-inspired tapas restaurant," writes the critic of the "homey restaurant" in Dania Beach. The owner tells the blog, "We're really chocolatiers who just happen to own the coolest restaurant in Broward County."
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