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Starbucks Tests Out New Beer-Flavored Coffee on Floridians

It's a latte like any other, only it tastes like a nice big stout with whipped cream. And it's here.

There's now a way to drink beer for breakfast without feeling like a bad human being. Sort of. Starbucks is apparently testing a new beer-flavored coffee at undisclosed locations around Florida, reports CBS (as well as Ohio, if you happen to be reading this from Ohio). Called the "Dark Barrel Latte," the drink intends to resemble a stout with "savory toasty malt" flavors. Though it doesn't have any alcohol, it does come with lots of whipped cream, a "chocolaty stout-flavored sauce" and caramel drizzle. Back to that alcohol though, the coffee giant might actually have it soon.

If you happen to score a taste of this beer flavored brew, drop us a line in the comments or hit us up via the tipline and share your thoughts.

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