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The Early Word on Mignonette

A round up of reviews for Miami's newest oyster bar, Mignonette.

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A little over a month ago, Blue Collar chef/owner Danny Serfer and blogger Ryan Roman officially opened their oyster lovechild, Mignonette. The restaurant's cosily housed inside a refurbished 1930s gas station and described by the duo as simultaneous "plain and fancy," serving up a variety of seafood options (obviously oysters however you can imagine them) as well as a few other options for the non-bivalve-fond. Here's the early word on the restaurant:

The Will "Return For More Deliciousness" News: One enthusiastic Yelp reviewer is certain she'll revisit Mignonette. She writes, "If you're a seafood fan or a Blue Collar fan, and you haven't been to Mignonette yet, you are doing yourself a serious disservice," praising the varied types of "amazing" oyster offerings. Though the popcorn conch "was a bit disappointing," other items like "phenomenal" croissants with lobster butter and mango jam and "great" veggies certainly weren't. [Yelp]

The He's Still Got it News: Another Yelper writes, "The Chef/Owner has done it again!" "Ohh the food," she continues, claiming that the restaurant is "another hit," from its ambience and service to its "outstanding" food. She ends her review with a tip: "sit at the bar and get up close and personal to all the action!" [Yelp]

The Three Star News:'s food critic, Victoria Pesce Elliot, finds Mignonette "charming." She states the raw oysters "are worth a visit alone" and praises multiple other items including a "fantastic" crab cake, a "brilliant" turducken burger and an "exemplary" red fish. As for dessert, "as sweet as YouTube kittens." []

The Yum News: Back over on Yelp, one commenter has one word for the restaurant: "yum." Though she writes that she would skip the apple pie and shrimp cocktail, she raves about "fresh, delicate and well-balanced" oysters, the South African lobster tails and the croissants. [Yelp]

The To Die For News: Another Yelp review state Mignonette's food is "to die for" and "ubbergood." After saying, "he's [chef Danny Serfer] stolen my heart with this new joint," the guest also says he found the service to be "impeccable." [Yelp]