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17 Year Veteran Chef to Open Korean/Japanese Restaurant, Soo Woo

South Beach's upcoming Korean/Japanese eatery asks, "do you Soo Woo?"

Soo Woo, a new Asian eatery owned by a 17 year veteran chef named Bok H. An is making its debut in South Beach (555 Washington Avenue) sometime late October. A source tells us the restaurant will serve a mix of Korean and Japanese foods cooked on teppanyaki tables, as well as a late night menu of noodles. Be sure to look your best when you visit the restaurant because to kick things off, Soo Woo will launch an Instagram campaign where they post various funny clips of guests slurping their noodles. A few of the questions the team hopes to answer: "How do you slurp? Are you messy? Noisy? Do you suck it up slowly? Or fast?"

They'll encourage guests to post the videos to their own Instagram accounts with the hashtags #DoYouSooWoo and #SuckItUp. The team—who assures that though the campaign is about having fun, it's also about good food—isn't sure what the prizes will be just yet, but they''ll be choosing a winner each week. Stay tuned and if you know something we don't, change that via the tipline.

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