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Reviews for Bistro BE and GoBistro

Photo Courtesy of Cortney Cates

Naming Bistro BE "among the first authentic Belgian eateries in Miami," Short Order food critic Zachary Fagenson says the restaurant brings "cold-weather comfort to a hot neighborhood." He writes:

As a Belgian pioneer on Brickell's food scene, Bistro BE should take on an educational role if it wants to succeed. That's why it's so important that staff be properly trained to do so. The extensive beer list, with dozens of saisons, goblets full of stout dark beers, and uncommon fruit brews, should work in a town now hip to beer's breadth and sophistication.
Noting that there should be room for the restaurant's heavier cuisine in Miami, Fagenson goes on to say that the staff "needs to be better trained to help guests make sense of an indecipherable menu with an array of unfamiliar ingredients," otherwise, guests may end up feeling "overstuffed and overwhelmed." [SO]

"Hollywood's GoBistro is a ramen lover's dream," writes food critic Nicole Danna of the "noodle nirvana."

GoBistro's menu is small. Start with a few hot and cold appetizers, like Da Silva's stellar jalapeño himachi or tuna poke. Or try the avocado fries, a novelty dish that sells out daily: panko-encrusted slivers of avocado fried to a golden brown.
However, Danna notes that guests aren't there for those items; "They've come for the ramen." She describes the dish as "breathtaking." [CPC]
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Bistro BE

1111 SW 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33130 305-375-0975