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Get Bad Horror Movies with a Side of Tiki Drinks at Blue Starlite Drive-In

Miami's Tiki Horor Club launches theme night at Coconut Grove drive-in movie theatre

Photo Courtesy of Blue Starlite Drive In

Like bad horror flicks and strong rum drinks? Of course you do, and you're not alone. The demand is so strong that beginning next week you can get both at Tiki Horror Nights at Coconut Grove's Starlite Drive-In Theatre.

The brainchild of the Rum Renaissance Festival's Robert Burr and Andrew "Papo" Lazo who bonded over their love of watching hours of bad movies at Burr's Coconut Grove apartment self-dubbed "The Teakeasy" while sipping on classic tiki drinks. It quickly became such a popular tradition that it outgrew the Teakeasy and moved to Big Game Liquor where they hosted a series of events, Burr tells Eater.

But Big Games wasn't quite equipped to handle the group, and they soon had to go back to the Teakeasy and hosting private gigs for friends and family, according to Burr. But that's when Starlight came into the picture.

"A few months ago, Andrew went to the Blue Starlite Drive-In—right after they moved to Coconut Grove from Wynwood—and fell in love," adds Burke. "Eventually, he met the owner/operator, Josh Frank, and invited him to the Teakeasy. We hit it off right away, and started talks on bringing Tiki Horror Night back to the public."

The first official Tiki Horror Night kicks off next Thursday, January 22 at 7 p.m. with the showing of the film Strange Brew accompanied by a strange brew from Wynwood Brewery and Dark & Stormy's provided by their neighbor Taurus: Another Round. Tickets are $15 per person, which includes a voucher good for two cocktails. If you bring your car the price goes up to $40, which include drink vouchers for two people. You can buy your tickets here. [EaterWire]