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The Reviews Are In Seagrape and 27 Restaurant

Both newcomers impress the critics

This week, Jodi Mailander Farrell from the Miami Herald reviewed Michelle Bernstein's latest restaurant endeavor, Seagrape, at the newly opened Thompson Hotel. She notes the restaurant as "made-in-Florida fit" with highlights including a "crispy-skin Florida snapper," a "sufficiently most and perfectly cooked" strip steak and "don't-miss desserts" like "dreamy beignet-like fluffy doughnuts stuffed with guayaba-and-cream paste and dusted with fine sugar."

As for the misses? Not too many, but she does make some observations with the waitstaff saying, "young servers are polite if slightly unpolished" and states that Bernstein won't always be in the kitchen since she serves in a  supervisory role. All in all though she says, "unpretentious Seagrape is on its way to becoming one of South Florida’s authentic treasures" giving it 3 stars.

At the Miami New Times, its resident critic seems to have only good things to say about Bar Lab's dining venture, 27 Restaurant & Bar. Noting that the cuisine has, "Jewish, Caribbean, and Hispanic classics all packed into a place that rejects every spray-tanned, coke-fueled South Beach archetype." Highlights of his meals were the toast topped with, "slowly scrambled eggs and meaty oyster mushrooms bearing the mossy aroma of the forest floor" and the "juicy tilefish fillet." Overall, he has high hopes for the place saying, "27 is a place that is instantly familiar and one you'll want to visit again and again."


4041 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140 (786) 605-4043

27 Restaurant & Bar

2727 Indian Creek Drive, , FL 33140 (786) 476-7020 Visit Website