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A Subtropical Mod River House; Buy Next Door to Mar-a-Lago

All the latest real estate news from Curbed Miami...

1) Miami River: A husband and wife architect team in Miami has won an Architect's Newspaper award for their dream house, a sustainable, subtropical modern abode just off the Miami River.

2) Fort Lauderdale Beach: There was once a time when Fort Lauderdale was the spring break capital of the world, and Elvis Presley himself crooned lines like "Any male in Fort Lauderdale who is not pursuing a cute female will automatically land in jail. That's the law in Fort Lauderdale." Boy how things have changed.

3) Palm Beach: We hear overhead jets zooming by might be kind of an issue, but this $10.9 million Palm Beach Mediterranean Revival estate right next door to Mar-a-Lago is on the market. Do check it out.

4) La Gorce: South Beach nightclub don Roman Jones, managing partner of clubs such as SET, Mokai, and Mansion, has listed his own historic Miami Beach mansion for $3.895 million. Oh, and the backyard is made entirely of astroturf.  [Curbed Miami]