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Momi Ramen Expands Empire To Entire Block

Opens Momi Gyoza Bar, new wine bar to follow in former Rosinella space

Photo Courtesy of Urban Daddy/Alex Markow

Since 2012, Jeffrey Chen's Momi Ramen has been serving up ramen to hungry crowds in the Brickell area. Apparently its going pretty well since him and his partners have purchased the land Momi sits on along with the rest of the block to expand its empire.

First up is Momi Gyoza Bar, which opened last week in the former Prost spot. Like its ramen counterpart it serves a concise menu of traditional items, mainly gyoza and dumplings, is open late (2 to 3 a.m. on the weekends) and only accepts cash.

Later this Spring, the group plans to open a wine bar and tasting room in the former Rosinella and next door convince store spaces. It'll be a casual place we're told with wine sold by the bottle (or the case if you're so inclined) in the front and space to sit and sip on your vino in the back. Simple small plates like charcuterie will be on the menu if you want something to munch on, but wine will be the main focus here.

Check back for more details as we get them. Got a tip? The tip line is always open at

Momi Gyoza Bar

South Miami Avenue, Miami, FL (786) 431-5727

Momi Ramen

5 Southwest 11th Street, , FL 33130 (786) 391-2392 Visit Website