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The Original Islas Canarias Has Been Sold

Sold to the owner of Caribe Café Restaurant

The classic Cuban restaurant Islas Canarias that opened in Little Havana 37 years ago has been sold, reports the Miami New Times. The buyer was none other than Juan Alvarado, the owner of Caribe Café Restaurant, its neighbor and competition.

Going by the old adage, "if you can't beat them join them," Alvardo purchased the landmark restaurant from its owner Santiago Garcia and plans to keep it operating as usual — at least for the next year, according to the article. After that he isn't entirely sure what the plans are with the restaurant.

Two more Islas Canarias restaurants remain in West Dade, owned by Garcia's daughter. Neither were part of the sale to Caribe Café. [Miami New Times]

Islas Canarias

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