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South Florida Bartenders Share Their Trusty Hangover Cure

A little hair of the dog anyone?

For Cocktail Week 2015, we surveyed area bartenders and liquor pros on aspects of the bar world and will reveal these responses to you all week long. Yesterday we asked them their thoughts on the word mixologist. Today we ask — what's your trusty hangover cure?

Will Rivas (Bazi and Macchialina) — Red Snapper and eggs Benedict.

Ervin Machado (Louie Bossi’s Ristorante, Bar and Pizzeria) — Lots of water. More

No matter what people do or say it’s two Tylenols and keep sleeping.

alcohol and/or an ice cold beer.

Alexander Aportela (Finka Table & Tap) Hair of the dog - I drink a Six Point Resin Double IPA.

Carlos Cruz (Seaspice) — My trusty hangover cure no matter what people do or say it’s two Tylenols and keep sleeping.

Mike Calcara (Better Days) — Plenty of water and four aspirin, followed by "hair of the dog," which usually includes Jameson on the rocks with a spicy Michelada.

Daniel Najarro (Bagatelle Miami Beach) — Ice cold beer!!

Jose Gill (American Social Brickell) — Gatorade and Ice cream

Jamal Giles (SUGARCANE raw bar grill) — My hangover cure is usually bacon or anything fatty accompanied by a Bloody Mary and a bottle of mineral water.

The same drink that got you messed up in the first place!

Steve Minor (MO Bar + Lounge) — A big hot bowl of Sancocho with big chunks of slow cooked, fall off the bone short rib, sweet corn, yucca, different types of squashes and pumpkins, carrot, Sweet Potato,  Malanga, lots of cilantro/culantro & fresh lemon!

Joel Mesa (Bulla Gastrobar) —I have a few hangover options – it all depends on how bad I am feeling that day and what I need to accomplish for the day: Two Advil and a Gatorade, a very cold beer, the same drink that got you messed up in the first place! Or one Bloody Mary will probably balance your body out.

George Strom (SUSHISAMBA Miami Beach) — Staying hydrated. Drinking water throughout the night can prevent the hangover before it happens. If you do find yourself hungover the next day, Pedialyte works wonders!

Isaac Grillo (Repour Homemade Cocktails) — The best way to even out, is dive back in

Pedialyte works wonders!

the pool. After lots of rum drinking in the Caribbean I developed this foolproof cure: Take 1 shot Afrohead and then drink half a liter of coconut water. 10 mins later, 1 more shot followed by the rest of the coconut water. Take 1 more shot 10 minutes later and switch to large bottle of water…. Repeat if necessary.

Jessica Kirk (Wood Tavern) — A stack of banana chocolate chip pancakes, 2 eggs over medium, bacon, home fries and a black coffee along with endless amounts of water!  I’ll also take a shot of fresh pressed beets and ginger!

Ben Potts (Beaker & Gray) — Wake up an hour before I need to, take four Advil, drink a liter of water, go back to sleep. Wake up, drink a 5-Hour Energy, run 2 miles. Hangover gone.

Tostada and a Cafe con Leche

Alex Alfonso (Premier Beverage) — Bloody Mary is classic, but usually oysters with a lot of horseradish are my choice.

Josh Gonzalez (Sweet Liberty) — Bacon, egg and cheese Croissant, with a sparkling water.

Gabe Urrutia (Beam Suntory) — Tostada and a Cafe con Leche.

Danny Zeenberg (Ritz Carlton South Beach) —Bloody Mary and greasy breakfast.

Jeremiah Goll (Sunset Lounge Bar) — The best thing to do is to prevent the hangover in the first place. This can be done by eating super greasy foods after a night of drinking, follow by 2 ibuprofen 500mg before bed. If you forget to do so and do end up getting a hangover, a Ralley Pack will do the trick in matter of minutes.

Martin Garcia (The Pool & Beach at Thompson Miami Beach) — A new drink we'll introduce this season at the pool is called a Cold Toddy, and it's a perfect hangover cure. It's the sister of the Hot Toddy, which is a well-known cure-all cocktail. Our Cold

A ginger concoction made with homemade ginger syrup, a splash of club soda and Angostura bitters ... lots of it!

Toddy will feature Knob Creek bourbon, ginger liquor, lemon, honey, and spiced pear juice. Ginger is known to settle stomach, and calm it; the bourbon we're using is 100 proof, which will whip you right into shape. Another non-alcoholic cure I love is a cup of Pedialyte mixed with a 20 oz bottle of water. The mixture helps replenish the body of electrolytes lost during drinking. Pedialyte is a good alternative to the sugary drinks that also claim to replenish electrolytes.

Peter Lopez (Kuro at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino) — I've changed up my hangover cure over the past few years. I used to chug a bottled water with Advil. Lately, I’ve been using a ginger concoction made with homemade ginger syrup, a splash of club soda and Angostura bitters ... lots of it!

Rob Ferrara (Lure Fishbar and The Rum Line) — My trusty Hangover Cure is a variety of things. Two Advil always helps. Plenty of liquids like, Yellow Gatorade, Coconut Water and a Red Snapper (a Gin Bloody Mary).

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