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Glaser Organic Farms Sued For Employee Discrimination

Employee alleges she was called names by upper management

Glasser farmers' market in Coconut Grove
Glasser farmers' market in Coconut Grove

Glasser Organic Farms, a popular organic farm and retailer, has been served with a discrimination lawsuit by a former employee, the South Florida Business Journal is reporting.

According to the complaint that was filed Wednesday, former employee Debra Velasquez is alleging that she and others were "subjected to a hostile work environment because of their skin color and nationality" and called names like "negra" and "burro" by management during the time she worked there.

Velasquez worked at the farm for about a year before allegedly being fired after she filed a complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. In the suit she is seeking back pay and damages for "malicious and reckless conduct." [South Florida Business Journal]