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UPDATE: A Unicorn Has Been Spotted at Paul Qui's Upcoming Miami Restaurant

You can't make this stuff up, folks

Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images

@faena @alan_faena @damienhirst It's coming along... #pao #MIA

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Yesterday, Paul Qui took to Instagram to showcase developments of his upcoming, Pao restaurant inside Miami Beach's Faena Hotel. First up was an image of a covered up unicorn statue, next was a larger image of the space showing off its gold dome roof and the unicorn right in the center, and finally he posted an image of a meeting at Panther Coffee, which makes us suspect a partnership is in the works. He hasn't released many details about the concept, but one can think from statues of mystical creatures decorating the space that it will certainly feature a touch of whimsy.

@faena the skies are gold

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The restaurant is the first outside of Austin for the Texas-based chef, who told Eater National earlier this year that it will feature, "a giant open kitchen that has open fires" along with plenty of Texas-style smoked dishes and lots of seafood options, of course. Stay tuned for more updates.

UPDATE: Qui's partner, Jesse Herman, posted on his social media yesterday an opening date of the restaurant, November 30, just in time for Art Basel. Also, we're told by a tipster that the Damien Hirst designed 'Golden Myth' unicorn rang in at 6 million euros, which translates roughly to $6.5 million.

'Golden Myth' by @damienhirst in our new Miami Beach restaurant Pao by @pqui at @faena opening 11/30 for @artbasel @alan_faena

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