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Craft Cocktails Meet Bottle Service at the Now Open Craft Social Club

This isn't your typical South Beach bottle service

Craft Social Club

Sure, bottle service is nothing unusual in Miami. But craft cocktail bottle service? Now that's a different story. But that's the idea behind the now open Craft Social Club, which offers guests "cocktail suites" in lieu of the traditional VIP table that feature built-in bars with all the trimmings —  think soda waters, fruits, and flavored simple syrups — that allow imbibers to drink more than your traditional vodka soda on a night out. If poppin' bottles isn't your thing, they have plenty of cocktails behind the bar including a few on tap.

Craft Social Club is the brainchild of industry vets RT Murphy and LP Steele, who have revamped the space to include hanging shrubbery, plenty of exposed brick and an open kitchen, which isn't serving food just yet — but we're told a small bites menu will be coming shortly. The bar is now open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. at 100 Collins Avenue.