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Jeff McInnis and Janine Booth Create an Online Petition to Build a Rooftop Deck at Their New Restaurant

And they need your help

Carlos Barrios/Getty Images

Last month chefs Jeff McInnis and Janine Booth announced their second of two restaurant concepts coming to the Magic City in 2016. The first concept, Sarsaparilla Club, housed in the Shelbourne Hotel will be an "American dim sum" restaurant while the second, more seafood-centric restaurant is planned in Sunset Harbour in the former PB Steak space.

But the duo, in a not-so-surprising turn of events, have hit a snafu with the City of Miami Beach. For their still unnamed Sunset Harbour restaurant, they planned to add a rooftop deck to the space, but the city and the neighbors aren’t so keen on that idea. So the chefs created an online petition to help resolve the issue. In the petition they say:

In order to build this rooftop deck, which is critical to the success of this project, we need your help with City Hall. The city and some locals have noise related concerns with building a restaurant with an outdoor deck in Sunset Harbor. This new concept does not include loud music that would be easily heard by any of the surrounding neighbors. Jeff and Janine simply want to be able to have background music suitable for a high quality dining establishment.

Right now they are looking to get 500 signatures. As of this morning they had 127 people sign the petition. Read the full thing for yourself this way.