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Craziest Florida Food Stories of 2015

They call it Flor-duh for a reason

Here are the most fascinating — and head scratching — headlines to come out of the Sunshine State this year.

Fight Breaks Out at Checkers Over Bad Hot Dog

A hot dog lover from Taveres, Fla. got a little bit upset when a Checkers' employee took too long to serve a hot dog and burger.

Image credit: Checkers Facebook

Guy Fieri's Evil Twin Robbed a Florida Sports Bar

He really wanted to go to Flavortown, apparently.

Image credit: St. Pete Police

Florida Shooting Range Wants to Sell You Booze and Bullets

A Florida gun range plans to marry the great American traditions of shooting and drinking copious amounts of alcohol when it opens a bar and restaurant this fall. What could go wrong?

Image credit: Getty

Woman Finds Long Fake Nail Buried in Her Taco Bell Nachos

Florida woman placed an order for Triple Layer Nachos at a Taco Bell, except when she received her order, it came with an unwanted fourth layer.

Image credit: Taco Bell

Dumb McDonald's Thief Returned to Restaurant Days After Breaking In

The first rule of committing a successful crime is to never return to the scene of said crime, but that was one rule a Florida man could not follow.

Image credit: Getty

Police Arrest Johns in Taco Bell Parking Lot, Site of Prostitution Ring

Florida police set up a sting operation at a Taco Bell in Fort Lauderdale to catch customers who were hoping to get a little something extra with their seven layer nachos and Doritos Locos tacos.

Image credit: Taco Bell

Restaurant Cook Stabs Co-Worker During Argument Over Gumbo Spices

Gumbo is something not many take lightly, and a man was killed during an argument over a recipe.

Image credit: southernfoodwaysalliance/Flickr

Miami Beach Five Guys Employee Gets Into Fist Fight With Customer

We've heard of fights breaking out at fast food restaurants before, but rarely do the restaurant employees get involved. However that wasn't the case at a Miami Beach Five Guys.

Image credit:

Jeb Bush Enjoys a Lettuce-Wrapped Bison Burger on Miami Beach, Served by a Clinton Supporting Drag Queen

Asked if he was going to take a picture with former governor he said, "I'm going to wait for my picture with Hillary."

Image credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Florida Man Attempts to Rob a Subway Using Only His Fingers

Subway sandwich shop exterior

Even criminals are getting in on the whole artisanal movement: a man in Daytona Beach attempted to rob a Subway entirely by hand.

Dunkin' Donuts Customer Arrested for Getting Naked

Dunkin Donuts

Sugar highs can be potent: a woman was arrested for getting naked at a Dunkin' Donut.

Man Arrested After Trying to Pay His Bar Tab With a Rock

Alternative forms of payment — including selfies, hugs, and kisses — are all the rage these days, so do you really blame a man for trying to pay with a rock?

Image credit: 4th Quarter Bar & Grille/Facebook