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All the Action From The First Night of SOBEWFF

All the food and booze news you need to know

It might have been the coldest night of the year in Miami, but that didn't stop people from getting their food and drink on at South Beach Wine and Food Festival 2015.

1) Kicking things off was an Italian Al Fresco Feast on the Beach. A hearty event with Ronzoni’s pasta, a title sponsor, just about everywhere. Lines were long for the table hosting Cooking Channel's Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos who everyone seemed to want a picture with. But the red wine ran out early, leaving some looking to warm up elsewhere.

2) Over at Thrillist BBQ and Blues, a jovial Anne Burrell hosted the event, dropping a "that's what she said" joke during her speech. Meat was the star of the menu with local spots like Pincho Factory and Buns & Buns competing for "Best in BBQ." At the end of the night, Rok:Brgr's "Sweet Caroline Burger" went home as the winner.

3) Paella was the name of the game at José Andrés swanky Paella by the Pool. Plenty of chefs were serving their spin on the classic.

4) At the late-night Tacos After Dark Federal's sweet and sour chicken taco seemed to be the crowd favorite.

5) At one of the unofficial events, A Mediterranean Feast, Mike Isabella was roasting an entire lamb for hungry party-goers while everyone was huddling under the heat lamps in order to stay warm.