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Fate of Florida Cookery Unknown After James Royal Palm Sale

Sold for $278 million

Florida Cookery

It was announced yesterday that the two-year old James Royal Palm on South Beach has been sold to Chesapeake Lodging Trust, according to the South Florida Business Journal.

What is unclear of the fate of the hotel's restaurant, Florida Cookery. We're told by sources inside the restaurant that they are conducting staff interviews this week, and while they think change is evident they aren't sure when it is going to happen. But right now, it's still business as usual.

The restaurant has been a popular spot since opening in late 2013, originally by Kris Wessel who has since moved on to Oolite. Most recently it hosted the South Beach Wine and Food Festival's 101 Gay Weddings over the the weekend. Stay tuned for more updates. [South Florida Business Journal]

Florida Cookery

1680 James Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139