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French Bistro Cuisine Now Being Served in Midtown

From Bistro Cassis Miami

Bistro Cassis

Now open in Midtown Miami is French-themed Bistro Cassis from NYC-based Reststar Hospitality GroupThe restaurants promises to serve, "traditional French bistro favorites and modern takes on the classics offered up in a comfortable neighborhood bistro setting."

While the menu seems to veer more towards traditional than modern expect everything you'd think you'd see at a French bistro such as quiche lorriane, mussels, steak tartare, escargot and, naturally, French onion soup. Along with daily specials served on a designated day of the week like coq au vin and duck a l’orange.

At the center of the restaurant sits its bar, which apparently was, "imported from a French restaurant that once operated in the streets of Paris along the River Seine," according to its website. The rest of the restaurant keeps the French feel going with black and white subway tile, images of Paris on the wall and brass pillars.

The restaurant is open daily for lunch starting at 11:30 a.m., dinner beginning at 5 p.m. along with Sunday brunch.

Bistro Cassis

, Miami, FL (786) 577-4410