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Adena Grill Reinvents the Steakhouse From the Farm to the Fork.

Adena Grill is flipping the old steakhouse on its head.

Adena Grill

Adena Grill & Wine Bar in the Village at Gulfstream Park is changing the way we think about steakhouses. Frank Stronach, founder of the global auto-parts supplier Magna International, sold his stake in 2010 for close to $1 billion, and moved to Florida to start Adena Meats and Adena Ranch. Rather than opening a restaurant and searching for the best beef money can buy, Stronach did the exact opposite. He bought up 90,000 acres of rich Florida ranch land, raised the best beef himself, and opened Adena Grill. -If you're looking for quality, it makes much more sense to do it that way if you think about it.

For a steakhouse, it's not hard to source your meat when you own the farm. So, when they say their livestock (cattle, chickens, pigs, and lamb) is "100% Natural Grass-Fed and Finished," free-range, zero-stress, hormone, and antibiotic free, they know it because they're the ones who raised them. It's what Adena Grill is calling a "farm-to-fork experience."

The menu is straight forward and to the point with your classic cuts, appetizers, and side dishes. The Gnocchi "Mac & Cheese" with Gruyere, Bacon, and Brown Butter Bread Crumbs seems to be the most adventurous item on the menu. Adena Grill also totes a wine cellar of 7,000 bottles, so there should be no excuse for not finding something to pair with your meal.

We're interested to see how Adena Grill fairs just two miles up the road from Michael Mina's Bourbon Steak in Aventura .