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Star Island House-by-House; Micro Week at Curbed

All your real estate news from Curbed Miami

Image credit: Bill Lane

1) Everywhere: It was Micro Week here at Curbed Miami, so here's an ode to the small public spaces that make Miami great. Yes, the massive beach is gorgeous, check out these ten spectacular little plazas, parks, and courtyards.

2) The Beach: Miami Beach's iconic lifeguard stands are getting refreshed with new models designed by the same architect as the original. Do check them out, here.

3) Star Island: One of Miami's tiniest neighborhoods, Star Island tends to dominate this town like few others. Curbed Miami goes house-by-house, recapping the antics of its various occupants in map form.

4) South Beach: Legendary hotelier, the father of the boutique hotel movement, Ian Schrager gave a surprisingly frank assessment of how he thinks his iconic Delano Hotel would perform if it was opened today: "I don't think the Delano, if done today, could compete" says Schrager.

· Curbed Miami [miami.curbed]