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Miami Spec Houses Incite Class War; The Star Island Destroyer

This week's real estate news from Curbed Miami

Oppenheim Architecture

1) Bal Harbour: There's a class war coming, says Gawker, and it's aimed right at the spec houses of the super rich being built in places like Miami Beach.

2) Miami River: Starchitect Rafael Viñoly, the architect of that building in London that melted some British guy's Jag, is designing a condo tower on the Miami River that's actually two towers linked at the top.

3) Star Island: The proposed Star Island house that has an uncanny resemblance to a Star Wars Star Destroyer when seen from above has had a few design tweaks that basically amount to more landscaping and renderings showing the house in daylight rather than night time. No self-respecting Star Destroyer had a roof garden.

· Curbed Miami [miami.curbed]