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This App Let's You Order Drinks at the Bar with Your Phone

With SpeedETab there's no more waiting for the bartender

Hate waiting for a drink at a crowded bar? Miami native Adam Garfield did too, which is why he create SpeedETab, a new drink ordering app that lets users order and pay for drinks at the bar right from their phone.

Think Uber but for boozy beverages. Once the app is downloaded onto a phone, users can go to a "partner" bar — which is currently nine venues in South Florida and will be up to 20 by the end of April — and "check in" to the spot. Once checked in, a bar menu will appear on their phone and they can order up a drink and pay for it using a credit card or Apple Pay that they have linked to their account.

Users can track the progress of their drink from the app and once the drink is ready a confirmation code is sent to them. That's when they go pick up their drink at a designated SpeedETab area and give them their code. But Garfield tells us they'll also have a picture of the users (that they've uploaded) and their name to make sure no one snags your drink.

The aim of the app is to take the hassle out of ordering drinks for the consumer while letting bars learn more about their customers and "what's truly driving revenue." Garfield tells Eater that he hopes to continue to expand the app, with the next stop being Boston, and hopes to implement brand loyalty programs by the end of the year.

Want to give the app a test drive yourself? Download it here.

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