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Miami Chefs Define What Goes Into a Perfect Burger

Chefs give their insight

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In honor of Burger Week, we've surveyed local chefs all about burgers, and we'll share their responses throughout the week. First up...

What makes the perfect burger?

Conor Hanlon (The Dutch) Good blend of quality beef, for me a 35 percent fat to 65 percent meat ratio ensure a juicy burger... I like when you take that first bite and the juice and fat runs down your forearms. I like to keep a burger simple. good meat with solid fat ratio, ripe tomato cut thin, crisp iceberg lettuce, cheddar cheese (melted), mayo, and ketchup. The thing that seals the feral is a good bun that has been buttered and toasted on a flat top.

Nicole Votano (Fooq’s) A blend of meats that keep it juicy while still having a meaty flavor, a tender yet not mushy bun, local tomato, lettuce and sweet onion and a bangin' sauce

Josh Capon (Lure Fishbar) Making sure every ingredient is fresh and perfect.

Thomas Griese (Michael Mina 74) There is definitely a science that goes into it. I always go back to Michael’s [Mina's] food philosophy, which means creating a balance of flavors through acidity, sweetness, spice and fat. You want to make sure that all the components that go into building the burger work cohesively to create the perfect bite, every single time.

Scott Conant (Corsair) Proper cooking and a hard sear with plenty of salt on the exterior. We use taleggio cheese on our CORSAIR burger; its distinctive flavor, assertive aroma and fat content mixed with the sweet caramelized onions and pickled mustard seeds creates a great, balanced bite. We also use a potato bun that we make in-house every day. It's the perfect bread for a well-rounded burger.

Roel Alcudia (Cypress Room) The crust around the burger has to be crispy. The patty mix has to be on point and of course, it has to be cooked to temperature.

Kris Wessel (Oolite) The right balance between fat and lean ground beed. Salt and pepper, always onions and always a sharp or blue cheese.

Danny Serfer (Blue Collar) Perfect burger is a great patty that needs no other enhancements like excessive condiments or bacon ( I like only cheese , ketchup , mayo on the bottom so juiced can mix with it, and pickles) plus the right bun to meat ratio.

Reuven Sugarman (Buns & Buns) The bun!!! The perfect burger also needs the perfect mix of high-quality beef with a very good special sauce. The temperature of the burger itself should be medium-rare so it’s especially juicy.

Jorgie Ramos (Barley) What makes a perfect burger? My perfect burger always depends on what kind of mood I’m in. Am I going all in today? If so, what’s the messiest possible combination and there better be a egg on it!

Jason Pringle (db Bistro Moderne Miami) When you breakdown what makes a burger good versus great it’s always the balance of quality meat to fat. I would say a 70/30 ratio is perfect.

Aaron Taylor (STK Miami) Soft bun!

Alex Chang (Vagabond Restaurant)  Ratio of meat to bun, quality of meat, aggressively seasoning the meat and sauciness.

Giorgio Rapicavoli (Eating House) The perfect burger is charred and crisp outside and blood red inside. And if it's a cheeseburger, it needs to be American cheese. It's the only way.

Jacob Anaya (Swine Southern Table & BarThe temperature, quality of meat, type of cheese (you need a nice, melty cheese), and a soft bun with lots of butter.

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