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Burger Beast Shares the Five Miami Burgers He Misses the Most

Time for a trip down memory lane

Kingdom's Doomsday Burger
In honor of Burger Week 2015, we asked South Florida's most popular burger and comfort food blogger, Burger Beast, to share with us the burgers in Miami that he misses the most.

Who's up for a little South Florida Burger nostalgia?

Here are five burgers that if I close my eyes, I can still remember. Feel free to close your eyes too but please don't come into my dream and eat my burgers, I'm not sharing.

1) Kingdom: Can you believe it's almost been five years since they closed their doors? I loved the giant hunk of char-grilled beef aka the King Burger with its crispy Bacon. If you were really hungry, then the Doomsday Burger (24 oz.) was where it was at.

2) Fatburger: The first time I tried FatBurger was on the Las Vegas strip around 1998, so I was excited to hear that Queen Latifah was bringing it to South Beach and Coral Gables. It's a leaner burger cooked on a flat-top and it didn't connect with the folks in South Florida. Fatburger was a great burger with just a slice of American Cheese and a dab of mustard.

3) Lum's: Most folks remember Lum's for its Hot Dogs that were steamed in beer but they also had the Ollie Burger, marinated in 23 herbs & spices. When the last Lum's (in Davie) shut down in 2009 I thought it was gone forever. Luckily, the Flashback Diner who took over & renovated the space kept the Ollie Burger on the menu.

4) Rudy's Sirloin Steakburgers: In the mid-80s if you wanted a better burger you were either hitting up Fuddruckers or Rudy's. I was a Rudy's guy. I know that liking a Sirloin Burger is a cardinal sin in some circles and I've always been ok with the backlash associated with it. There was a pretty big selection of toppings and even a salad bar for those of you who like the green stuff. Douglas Rudolph (who founded Rudy's) is the man who brought Wendy's to South Florida in 1977 and is currently the CEO of Tap 42.

5) White Castle: No, I'm not confused with Royal Castle. There were two White Castles in Miami from 1958-1967, one in North Miami (1199 N. Miami Beach Blvd) and the other near Little Havana (2698 West Flagler Street). I wasn't born when White Castle was in Miami but I know plenty of people who remember them. Then again, how you could forget those little gems?

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