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Miami Chefs Reveal Their Favorite Chain Burger

Aka their "guilty pleasure"

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In honor of Burger Week, we've surveyed local chefs all about burgers, and we've been sharing their responses throughout the week. First we asked chefs what makes a perfect burger, who makes it in Miami and how restaurants can screw up a burger. Today in honor of burger chains power hour, we asked them which chain made the best burger.

WHAT'S your favorite chain burger?

Conor Hanlon (The DutchHands down "In and Out burger". It was my stand by when I lived in Vegas.

Nicole Votano (Fooq’s) Shake Shack for sure!!

Josh Capon (Lure FishbarShake Shack

Thomas Griese (Michael Mina 74In-n-out burger

Scott Conant (CorsairIn-n-Out when I'm on the West Coast.

Roel Alcudia (Cypress RoomShake Shack, hands down.

Kris Wessel (Oolite) In N Out burger in Cali. Bud's broiler in south and southwest.

Danny Serfer (Blue CollarThe burger at the new Houstons in bal harbour ( bal harbour grill?).

Reuven Sugarman (Buns & BunsIn-N-Out Burger

Jorgie Ramos (BarleyMcDonald’s is not happy with me these days that I no longer drive late at night any more (thank you uber). My guilty pleasure are McDonald's Cheese burgers stuffed with french fries and topped with their sweet and sour sauce.

Jason Pringle (db Bistro Moderne MiamiIn-N-Out Burger, Animal Style Double-Double always have a place for me coming from the West Coast even to this day they’re my guilty pleasure.

Aaron Taylor (STK MiamiIn-n-out

Alex Chang (Vagabond Restaurant)  In and Out, Shake Shack. Those are actually the burgers that I crave the most and don't think they should be considered a guilty pleasure. Best guilty pleasure has to be the Double Del at Del Taco, underrated!

Giorgio Rapicavoli (Eating HouseThe best burger chain in my opinion is Five Guys. Especially when it's all wrapped up in the foil and I'll starts to steam together a bit.

Jacob Anaya (Swine Southern Table & BarIn-and-Out burger, the best burger in the country

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