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Four Burger Chains That Need to Come to Miami

Animal style anyone?

Look at those White Castle beauties
Look at those White Castle beauties
Win McNamee/Getty Images

It's no secret that Miami has its fair share of burger chains, but there are still a few missing from the mix. Here are the four that need to come to South Florida ASAP.

1) In-N-Out Burger: The popular pick amongst the chefs in our poll, this West coast based burger establishment has a cult-like following for its simple burgers, fries and hidden "animal style" menu. Not much has changed to the brand since it opened in 1948 including the fact that there STILL  none of the East coast.

2) Whataburger: Another burger chain that has been around for more than 50 years, but has no roots in South Florida. The closest Whataburger to us currently resides in Orange Park, Florida, but with 750 locations and counting could Miami be next on the list?

3) Burgerville: A popular West Coast chain founded some 50 years ago (are you seeing a trend yet?), it has 40 outposts in Oregon and Washington. The site does say however that "many more are in the works," could Miami make the cut?

4) White Castle: These legendary little sliders have such a following that they even have a movie named after them. While the closest one to Miami is located a few states north in Tennessee, we can only hope it opens a location in South Florida soon. Until then, we can get our White Castle fix in the frozen food section of our grocery store.