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Miami Chefs Reveal Their Favorite Alternative Burger

Where's the beef?

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All this week in honor of Burger Week, we've surveyed local chefs all about burgers, and we've been sharing their responses throughout the week. First we asked chefs what makes a perfect burger, who makes it in Miami and how restaurants can screw up a burger. Today, the last day of burger week, we ask what's their favorite non-beef burger.


Conor Hanlon (The DutchThat’s a joke right? There’s no such thing.

Nicole Votano (Fooq’s Love the veggie burger at Houston's, it has black beans and beet in it so it looks like a rare burger inside.

Josh Capon (Lure FishbarThe turkey burger at Loews Miami Beach.

Thomas Griese (Michael Mina 74Our heritage turkey burger at Michael Mina 74 is the best hands down.

Scott Conant (CorsairN/A

Roel Alcudia (Cypress RoomBIG fan of the Crispy Veggie Burger at Blue Collar.

Kris Wessel (OoliteTurkey Burger and Quinoa Burger at Oolite!! Turkey Burger at Florida Cookery

Danny Serfer (Blue CollarVeggie burger from kush.

Reuven Sugarman (Buns & BunsOur Tuna Burger is unreal! It consists of fresh tuna, parsley sauce, olive spread, arugula, and aioli in-between a house-made brioche bun.

Jorgie Ramos (BarleyMy experience with this subject is very limited as you can tell, but every once in a while if I’m at Rok Brgr with someone special I might go with the flow, go against my religion, and get a Turkey Burger! I don’t remember ever going so far as getting it with a lettuce bun so I get to keep my man card but I do remember it hit the spot!

Jason Pringle (db Bistro Moderne MiamiI went and had a great lamb burger with cucumber and sprouts at BurgerLove on Brickell Key that had great flavor for an alternative burger.

Aaron Taylor (STK Miami Really enjoyed the lamb burger at Mandolin.

Alex Chang (Vagabond RestaurantPork patty at Fooq's

Giorgio Rapicavoli (Eating HouseThe best alternative I've had to a burger in Miami is a hot dog at Arbetters. As my friend Sef says "there's no such thing as a turkey burger, just a turkey patty"

Jacob Anaya (Swine Southern Table & BarWhile living in Australia, I had this burger called The “Lot”, which is topped with red beets, Swiss cheese, caramelized onion, ham, fried egg, and bacon.

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