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West Coast Ice Cream Sandwich Shop CREAM Coming to Florida

San Fran chain making its East Coast debut in the Sunshine state


Get ready for lots of ice cream sandwiches as CREAM, short for Cookies Rule Everything Around Me, comes to South Florida later this year.The South Florida Business Journal is reporting that the popular West Coast, customizable ice cream sandwich shop is opening its first East Coast outpost in South Florida by the end of 2015.

And get this, the store's franchisee is none other than a South Florida high school student. The student, Armando Martinez Stone, first discovered the franchise while on a trip to California and took a liking to it. He then submitted a plan to grow CREAM nationally and internationally to a Distributive Education Clubs of America competition — and won.

The first store will open in Weston in December of this year, naturally right by Stone's high school, with his parents financially backing and operating the store until Stone completes school. The plan is to have 33 stores open throughout Florida in the next seven years. Currently CREAM has 12 locations throughout California and Nevada. [South Florida Business Journal]