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Jeb Bush Enjoys a Lettuce-Wrapped Bison Burger on Miami Beach, Served by a Clinton Supporting Drag Queen

Only in Miami, right?

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Let's just file this one under the "just another day in Florida politics" category. The Washington Post is reporting that possible Republican Presidential nominee and former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush, stopped by Miami Beach's Burger & Beer Joint on Sunday for a fundraising lunch with two supporters from Wisconsin.

Bush, who apparently is a strict follower of the Paleo diet, was served his, "lettuce-wrapped bison burger with grilled onions and jalapeño peppers," by waiter Tommy Strangie. Strangie was quickly identified by reporters as a "semi-retired drag queen" who also happens to work at Burger & Beer Joint.

Asked by reporters if he took a picture with Bush, who took plenty with staff and patrons during his meal, Strangie said, "No. I'm going to wait for my picture with Hillary." He is, of course, referring to Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

And while Strangie might not agree with Bush politically he did seem to like him as a person telling the Post that Bush was "kind and funny" and also "a great tipper" leaving Strangie a 25 percent tip. [The Washington Post]

Burger & Beer Joint (B&B)

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