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Miami Created Video Game Shows What It Is Like To Work in the Restaurant Industry While Sick

And it isn't easy


There's a new game launching next month called Unsavory, which hopes to demonstrate how tough it is work while sick — especially in a restaurant where paid sick days are close to nonexistent. The game is being developed by a local group called NERDLab, a research-lab based at University of Miami's School of Communication.

One of the creators Clay Ewing tells Eater that the game came from his, "collaboration with with ROC (Restaurant Opportunities Centers) United on their mobile diners' guide for ethical eating." He says during that project the idea of having to go to work while sick stuck with him and inspired him and his team to confront the issue head on in the game.

In Unsavory, players work in a fictional fast food restaurant called Rocket Taco where they receive "very real" minimum wage pay and no paid sick days. Gamers are tasked to, "complete orders with lightning speed and wipe that snot away," it's website says. Gamers are also responsible for paying bills on time based on the financial advice McDonalds gave to employees in 2013.

Inside the game there's a Twitter campaign along with facts and figures about paid sick leave, which hopes to shine some more light onto the situation.The game is certainly timely considering legislation like the Healthy Family Act currently moving through congress and the minimum wage protests happening throughout the country.

The free game will be release May 16 and will be available on both Andriod and the iPhone.

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