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Wynwood's Cafe Babbo Changes Name to Baccano Miami

Name too similiar to Mario Batali's Babbo in NYC

This week the recently opened pizza and wine bar Cafe Babbo changed names to Baccano Miami. The name change was at the insistence of lawyers of New York City's popular Babbo restaurant, which is helmed by Iron Chef and orange-Croc collector Mario Batali.

Baccano's partner Anotino Chia tells Eater that it was a friendly negotiation between the two camps. While they did receive a cease and desist letter from Babbo NYC's team in March they were able to work out a deal and it never went to court. Even though the restaurants are thousands of miles apart from each other the lawyers said the frequency of travel between South Florida and New York was too much to be ignored.

But even though the name has changed Chia assures us that everything else at the restaurant including the menu is staying the same.

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