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For a Cool $4,800 You Can Catch Your Own Dinner at J&G Grill

Here's to hoping you won't only catch tilapia

J&G Grill

Have you been looking for ways to make your dinner a little more interative? Well how about catching your fish before you eat it. The new Catch & Cook program at J&G Grill allows you to hit the open seas with its chef de cuisine Dagan Stocks to catch your own fish for dinner for a measly $4,800.

The package includes a half-day "fishing excursion into the Atlantic waters," on a 58-foot-sportfisherman charter for up to five people with lunch and beverages will be provided on the boat. Then you head back to J&G Grill where Dagan will cook you a four-course meal with wine pairings.

The hotel requires 7-day advance booking and is subject to availability. To book call 305-993-0430.

J&G Grill

9703 Collins Avenue, Bal Harbour, FL 33154