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Najat Kaanache is OUT at Piripi

The el bulli alum is no longer with the restaurant after labor grievances from the staff come to light

Najat Kaanache
Najat Kaanache is reporting that el bulli alum Najat Kaanache is no longer the at her post of Executive Chef at Piripi in Coral Gables.

The article goes on to say that she was ousted after its co-owner became aware of a nine-page letter written by employees filled with several allegations, including:

Kaanache lured them to work with unfulfilled promises about salaries and visas, misled her superiors and underlings about her cooking abilities, demanded marathon work hours "to the point of slavery," and maintained a communal house in west Kendall for the workers with rules and chores that created "much tension."

When the owners got wind of these accusations they distanced themselves from the chef, according to the article. No word on what she'll be doing next or who might step in to replace her. []


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