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Downtown Miami's Newest Watering Hole Libertine Opens Tonight

Just in time for the weekend

Libertine/Gianfranco Bianchi

We found another bar to add to your drinking rotation this weekend. Libertine, self-described as a "bar for the people," opens tonight at 40 NE 11th Street.

The space is modeled after "glamorously decayed watering holes of turn of the century London" features a floor covered in thousands of pennies, an 18th century white marble fireplace, a wall of books framed by green velvet curtains and a bar lined with 150 year-old reflective mirrors and subway tile.

As for what you can drink, it seems just about anything. From your standard beer and liquor options to the bar's speciality cocktails. Music is curated by Supermarket Creative’s Michelle Leshem and features sounds ranging from DJs to music played on the bar's baby grand piano.

Libertine is open Thursday through Saturday beginning tonight from 9 a.m. until "whenever."


, Miami, FL (305) 363-2120