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Golden Fig to Open Up in Former OTC Space

From the same owners as OTC

As promised a few weeks back, we now know what "new" concept is going into the now vacant OTC space — Golden Fig, reports

According to the article, the concept spearheaded by executive chef Tomas Prado and Michael Sullivan will have a farmhouse theme, "boasting a market-based menu of regional and seasonal produce, pasture-raised meats, and a "skillfully curated" craft beer and wine list."

And like most new restaurants in Miami OTC it'll feature a "moderately priced, frequently rotating collection" of "hand-crafted, made-in-house" snacks, small plates, that are all filled with "local and in-season" ingredients.

No official word when the space will open, all we know for now is "later this summer." Stay tuned for more updated. []


1250 S.Miami Avenue CU #4, Brickell, FL 33130 305-374-4612