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The Team Behind Taquiza is Opening a Beer Garden — Here's The Scoop

Called The Grdn it will feature a throwback hot dog cart, local beers and frozen Negronis

The guys that developed the popular South Beach taquiera Taquiza were looking for a laid-back spot to hang out in. With not many options in the area they decided to create one, enter The Grdn coming our way (tentatively) in late August.

The space aims to be a "local, low-key hangout," according to partner Steve Santana, complete with ping pong tables and plenty of seating. Housed inside the Bed and Drinks Hostel (no seriously, that's its name) at 1676 James Avenue it will feature a rotation of 10 draft beers, a large assortment of bottled beer and hot dog cart dubbed Chatham Dogs, which will channel hot dog carts of yesteryear serving hot dogs and buns made from scratch that are "cool quality and very simple."

If you're in the mood for some of the harder stuff liquor will also be on hand along with booze-filled slushes like banana daiquiris and frozen Negronis. And if hot dogs aren't your thing, bar snacks like jerky and corn nuts can also be munched on.

The Grdn will be open daily with the Chatham Dogs available Friday and Saturday nights to start. If you want to try out the hot dogs in the meantime, Taquiza will be selling a select few during its Fourth of July party with Danny Valdez of DeLeón tequila. Find out details here.