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Inside El Celler De Can Roca's Epic Miami Pop-Up Dinner

We came, we ate, we conquered

Last night 100 very lucky — and hungry — guests got to feast on a multi-course meal prepared by the Roca brothers and their team from their number one restaurant in the world, El Celler de Can Roca.

The dinner was part of Roca brother's world tour that they are doing with Spanish bank BBVA and Miami was their first stop in the United States. The tour dubbed The Cooking Tour Experience 2015 took place aboard the 228-foot "mega-yacht" SeaFair Miami, the fourth largest privately owned yacht in the country.

During the cocktail hour, the spotted chefs were taking photos with fans and dignitaries against a step and repeat. The crowd was not the one you usually see at these food events, it was filled with the corporate set who knew what they were in for a memorable meal, but one could tell by talking to the crowd that not many knew how big of a deal it actually was.

And in unusual Miami fashion, the crowd actually showed up on time, which was a good thing since the boat left the dock right around 7:30 p.m. for a close to four hour tour of the bay.

The dinner took place in the main dining room, utilizing the staff that came over from the restaurant, 40 in total we're told. The meal began with two different appetizer courses, the first being an ode to every stop on their 2015 tour — Argentina, Miami, Birmingham, Houston, Turkey — and a bite inspired by each location. The second appetizer was a tribute to their family's bar in Spain filled with their favorite dishes from it, served with the Roca brothers modern, gastronomic twist. It came served in a foldable cutout that featured images of all three brothers as children.

There were six "main" courses for the meal all paired with a different wine, which made many of the diners question if it was the boat or the wine that was making the floor below them a little off balance by the end of the meal. Dishes included a deconstructed green tomato salad; a coconut curry, prawn-filled soup; a lobster mole; a corvina topped with green tomatillo sauce that tasted just like a fish taco, sans-tortilla; a "suckling" pig serves with citrus and a 72-hour braised beef taco that looked absolutely nothing like an actual taco.

By the end of the savory courses, the dining room was unusually hot and plenty of women brought out their fans to help cool themselves down and guys were peeling off their jackets. Dessert consisted of two courses, a sponge ice cream cake and a dessert made especially for women, the "chocolate anarchy" and a dessert made just for the men called a "trip to Havana," which was a play on the classic cigar and mojito combo. Towards the end of the meal, you could see pastry chef Jordi Roca surveying the room, trying to take in the reaction of the crowd.

Want an ever closer look at the meal? Check out the snaps from Eater national's account at eaterdotcom.

SeaFair Mega Yacht

, Miami, FL 33132