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Seems Like Scotty's Landing Isn't Closing After All

There was some confusion from previous reports

There have been a lot of reports over the past 24 hours regarding the fate of Coconut Grove's Scotty's Landing.

To catch you up, around this time yesterday it was announced Scotty's was told by the City of Miami that it had 60 days to vacate the property. It seemed like the end was actually in sight for the longstanding restaurant and bar after years of speculation about when it may or may not close.

Then today on the Coconut Grove Grapevine it was reported that this wasn't accurate. The blogger says in 60 days a new tenant is taking over the space, and its current owner Scotty Wessell and his team must vacate the property but the space that houses Scotty's will, "still operate as usual."

Behind the current Scotty's there are plans to build a "new Scotty's (or whatever it's called)" and once that new outpost is built, "the staff and crew will move over to the new location and the old location will be torn down," according to the Coconut Grove Grapevine.

So those mourning their waterfront views and cheap booze, don't worry those will still stick around just a few feet away from the original Scotty's location. As for what is going in the old Scotty's space once it is torn down — that will, "make way for a public bay walk," according to the Grapevine.