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Drinkhouse Fire & Ice: Miami's Only Ice Bar, Now Open on South Beach

Get ready to chill out, literally

Drinkhouse/World Red Eye

We might have just found a solution for that perpetual summer heat in South Florida, with Miami's first ice bar, Drinkhouse Fire & Ice, now open on South Beach.

The 4,200-square-foot vodka bar and cocktail lounge features a 23-degree Ice Bar, a that's decked out with 100,000 pounds of ice, ice glassware and crystal-studded ice sculptures by "award-winning ice masters." But don't worry, you won't freeze to death as they equip you with a faux fur coat and gloves and only allow you stay up to 45 minutes.

Outside of the Ice Bar, there the Fire Lounge featuring a "unique beverage program will feature elaborately presented handcrafted cocktails and molecular creations" by local mixologist Chandelle Yarmey. The Fire Lounge is a contrast from the Ice Bar, decorated in warm colors with mirrored brass elements and original photography, "rare and precious crystals from around the world" and furnished with tables made of selenite.

As for entertainment, the space promises to have nightlight music and "artistic" entertainment along with partnering with a new local charity every month by donating a portion of the profits to the organization and immortalizing them through a customized ice sculpture.

Drinkhouse Fire & Ice is now open nightly at 1672 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, across the street from the Delano. Reservations are encouraged for the Ice Bar. For more information visit or call 305-534-2423.