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Cupcake Store That Planned to Be Given Away in a Contest Ends Contest Without a Winner

Lack of entries to the Pembroke Pines cupcake shop giveaway cause owner to cancel giveaway

This Spring we reported on a Pembroke Pines cupcake shop, Royal Treatz, who's owner was planning to give away the ownership to the store in a contest to one lucky winner. Well, the giveaway date was September 1 and it seems as if the owner of the store decided to keep the store due to lack of entries in the contest,South Florida Business Journal reports.

According to the Royal Treatz Facebook page, only 22 people applied to the contest, which required contestants to submit an essay on why they deserved the store along with a $100 entry fee. The store was expecting 500 applicants.

The owner tells the South Florida Business Journal that she plans to now keep the store and look for someone she can partner up with. No word on when contestants can expect their money returned. [South Florida Business Journal]