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10 Quintessential Miami Desserts

Sweet, scrumptious, and satisfying

In a city like Miami, it is almost impossible to look at a dessert menu and not find something mouthwatering to indulge in. It’s the one course can be it is composed of unlimited types of dishes, flavor combinations, and ingredients, and it is no surprise that in the bustling, melting pot of a city like Miami, the dessert selection is as diverse as the locals. Miami restaurants and bakeries offer desserts with Latin, Caribbean, and American influences – each one more delicious than the next. So make sure to save room after your breakfast, lunch, or dinner to finish out your meal in the most sweetly satisfying way at any of these spots listed listed below.

Pastelito at La Rosa Bakery

[Photo credit: ru4scooba]

La Rosa Bakery brings the traditional, Cuban pastelito straight to Miami. The Mayoral brothers pride themselves on "100 years of tradition," baking each pastelito following the recipe of their grandfather. Whether considered a breakfast food or dessert is up for discussion, but there is no debating the true authenticity of these pastries are obvious in the first bite – and of course the fact that they are sold out by 4 p.m. every day. Flavors range from guava, guava-and-cheese, meat, and coconut so pick your choice.

Fried Oreo at Prime 112

[Photo credit: dannywhang]

Fried Oreos are perfectly fitting on the Prime 112 menu — a restaurant that specializes in indulgent food. The pastry chefs carefully dunk a traditional Oreo in frying batter, place them in oil momentarily, and then sprinkle them with powdered sugar for the final touch. Five golden brown delicacies are served with each order accompanied by classic vanilla ice cream.

Rum Cake at Sweet Art by Lucila

[Photo credit: Edible Reflections]

While Sweet Art by Lucila is a custom cake bakery, its best known for its rum cakes, which you've probably had at the most recent family gathering. The rum cake is made as a warm yellow cake infused with a lot Caribbean rum, and then coated with buttercream frosting. The addition of coconut, guava, or vanilla fillings can also help give it a more personalized touch.

Coconut Cake at KYU

[Photo Credit: KYU]

Although KYU's menu veers more towards Asian and barbecue flavors, chef Michael Lewis couldn’t resist adding his mom’s famous coconut to the menu – and he wasn’t wrong. Four layers of yellow, coconut infused cake are dressed with coconut frosting, and toasted coconut flakes. Even the coconut haters have been converted after trying this cake.

Ho Ho at Big Pink

[Photo credit: Big Pink/Facebook]

We’ll be the first to admit it, the Big Pink’s menu can be a bit overwhelming with its mass variety of choices. But at least for dessert, we can make it easy by guiding you right to the Chocolate Ho Ho. The dessert is prepared as a soft chocolate cake topped with classic white frosting. It is kid and adult friendly, definitely something not miss.

The "Bomb" Cake at Ice Box Café

[Photo credit:]

Robert Siegmann oversees the cakes of the Ice Box Café bakery, and he creates his cakes fresh daily with the ingredients like imported European chocolate and pure butter. While it may be hard to pick just one cake, the fan favorite seems to be the chocolate "bomb" cake created with dark chocolate, cheesecake brownie, chocolate mousse filling, and dark chocolate ganache — and was famously picked by Oprah as one of the best cakes in America.

Baklava Ice Cream Sandwich at Byblos

[Photo credit: Foodspotting]

The ice cream sandwich prepared at Byblos is unlike any other you’ve eaten. You can taste the pastry talent that goes into each element of the sandwich in every bite. The cookie is a salted caramel-and-couscous praline partially dipped in dark chocolate. The outer crunch is balanced with creamy, baklava ice cream sandwiched in between. It satisfies all the right tastes: salty, sweet, chocolaty, and nutty. Needless to stay, it’s a dessert masterpiece.

Key Lime Pie at Joe's Stone Crab

[Photo credit:]

Joe’s key lime pie reign’s supreme in an undoubtedly key lime pie obsessed town. It is baked fresh evening morning and features a creamy, citrus inside and a soft graham cracker crust base. It’s a refreshingly sweet way to end your meal.

Cinnamon Rolls at Knaus Berry Farms

[Photo credit:]

There are always guaranteed lines when Knaus Berry Farms opens its doors each "season." Reason why: its famous cinnamon rolls, which are sticky, messy, and delicious. The creation of them using an intricate baking procedure takes two hours and can bake 672 rolls at once. When the dough is ready, it is coated with egg, butter, cinnamon, sugar that when baked together turn into the natural glaze that have become the cinnamon roll's signature.

Any Dessert at Bachour Bakery + Bistro

[Photo credit: Chat Chow TV]

Antonio Bachour is probably Miami's best-known pastry chef — and one taste of his desserts (or look at his Instagram feed) will tell you why. Any dessert item from his personal bakery is worth taking a bite (if you can stop at just one). The desserts are themed by category: "in a cup," "entremets," "macaroons," "bon bons," and "dry baked goods." Whether your palate prefers chocolate or a fruity tart, there is something for everyone here.

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