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Raised Streets in Sunset Harbour Cause Restaurants To Lose Flood Insurance

Well this can’t be good

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Flooding a Sardinia the night of October 3
Miami Herald

The restaurant-heavy area in Sunset Harbour, that recently underwent a $400 million street raising renovation project, has found itself in a flood of trouble recently.

According to the Miami Herald and The Real Deal, one of the restaurants in the neighborhood, at 1801 Purdy Avenue, experienced $15,000 worth of flood damage in October due to rain and high tide, but was denied its flood insurance claim as it is now considered a “basement” since it is lower than the "adjacent grade on all four sides."

Example of raised streets now outside of Sardinia
Sardinia Enoteca Ristorante Facebook

While the streets were raised in the area, the buildings housing the restaurants stayed at the same height causing the now basement classification, meaning only things like air conditioners and washing machines are covered.

And while infrastructure was put into place to help circumvent a problem like this in the neighborhood, the evening Sardinia restaurant flooded, only two of the eight pumps that were supposed to be draining the rainfall were operating.

While Miami Beach officials promise to clear things up with the insurance companies, Sardinia’s owner Tony Gallo tells The Real Deal he may have to move his restaurant, which has been open in the neighborhood for 10 years, if an insurance solution isn’t found. [Miami Herald and The Real Deal]