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The Alinea Team Has Officially Landed in Miami

Month-long pop-up begins next week

Alinea Vice. We've arrived Miami... #AlineaMiami

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The Alinea crew has officially made it to Miami, its executive chef confirmed on Instagram with his interesting (?) spin on one of the Magic City's most notorious TV shows, Miami Vice.

Dinners for the close to month-long stint at the Faena Hotel begin next Wednesday and currently sold out. Lucky diners who snagged their tickets can expect an, "18-course menu will comprise Alinea classics with culinary inspirations from Miami and Argentina" according to its website.

Chicago comes to Miami: The unpacking begins

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If you’re still dying to check it out, some tickets have hit the re-sale market on Craigslist, but we've heard that's frowned upon by the Alinea team so proceed at your own risk. [Instagram]

Faena Hotel Miami Beach

3201 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140