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An Ode to the Portuguese Muffin by Danny Serfer

You'll never look at them quite the same

Serfer and his "P-Muffs"
Serfer and his "P-Muffs"

If you've ever been to one of Danny Serfer's eating establishments — Blue Collar or Mignonette — chances are you've tried his beloved Portuguese muffin. The Central Bakery delicacies from Fall River, MA, are a slightly sweeter cousin of the English Muffin that serve as the bread in many of Serfer's breakfast classics like the duck "McMuffin" and the "Corbencito."

Inspired by Breakfast Week here at Eater, Serfer wrote a poem about his favorite carb vessel, so without further adieu:

Ode to the Portuguese Muffin

by Chef Danny Serfer

Baked in New England

And shipped to my restaurants weekly

On top of my burgers, muffulettas and Benedicts

It is the P-Muff I trust uniquely

For breakfast, lunch or dinner

They are my favorite vehicle

With artichokes, pulled pork and eggs

The flavor is unbeatable

Tougher than an English Muffin

They are strong and never crumble

They withstand the weight of a meaty patty

And can stop those pesky tummy grumbles

Brioche, English Muffin and white bread

Had a threesome style baby

To create my love, the P-Muff

For the breakfast spot that someday maybe

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