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A Fight Breaks Out in a Palm Beach Pizza Shop After Garlic Knots Arrive Top With Cheese On Them

You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

Serious Eats

In weird Florida food news of the day, NBC Miami is reporting that late last week a full fledged fight broke out inside a Palm Beach pizzeria after a customer received their garlic knots topped with cheese.

According to the site, 25-year-old Jessica Conti demanded a refund from Palm Coast Pizza when she received her garlic knots with cheese on top of them. When the cashier refunded her the money, “the clerk put her money on the counter in what she considered a disrespectful manner.”

That’s when it seems all hell broke loose. Three men then stormed the pizza shop and “knocked a fax machine and cash register off a counter,” according to police repots. They also threw the cheese in question around the store along with pizza boxes.

The group fled the scene but were identified later and arrested. They were charged with burglary and criminal mischief and they have since been released from jail. [NBC Miami]