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The "Million Dollar Chef" Opens Kaori in Brickell

Certainly fitting for this town

Italian celebrity chef and the man once dubbed the "million dollar chef" Walter Martino has officially opened up his new restaurant, Kaori by Walter Martino, in Brickell. Located at 1250 South Miami Avenue, the 24-seat space features a menu filled with dishes that combine Italian and Japanese flavors and promises an experience filled with "cutting-edge, 360-degree cinematography technology with art, ambient music, and intoxicating scents."

On the menu there are a la carte options like rolls made with Wagyu beef and truffle honey, risotto filled with fish and saffron, and an "explosive" chocolate cake. There are also tasting menus priced at $300, $500 and $700, that feature edible gold and silver in them, naturally.

So how did Martino get named the "Million Dollar Chef" title? Well apparently his resume includes cooking for plenty of kings and high rollers during his time in Ibiza as a private chef along with designing the "most expensive plates in the world," one of which was bought  Prince of Dubai for one million Euros.

The restaurant is now open nightly for dinner service 6 p.m. to midnight and until 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday evenings. Email emailing to reserve your spot.