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Miami's Bread King Zak The Baker Suffers Stroke; Now in Stable Condition

He goes to Instagram to report that he is in stable condition

Zak Stern
Zak Stern

Over the weekend word spread on social media that Zak Stern, of Zak the Baker, had suffered a stroke after he posted the below image on Instagram.

ZTB Realty One minute you're chilling, the next minute you're having a stroke! Thanks Obama! Wish me luck

A photo posted by Zak The Baker (@zakthebaker) on

But we're happy to report that the baker seems to be in better condition now, according to his Instagram account. Citing stress and needing to take "better care" of himself as the culprit to the health scare.

The baker has become the premier maker of bread in South Florida, owning and operating a popular Wynwood restaurant along with supplying breads wholesale to different restaurants and markets around town.

No word as to when he might return to the job, but you can send him well wishes on his social media platforms. [Instagram]