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Mondrian South Beach Announces Latest Pop-Up Restaurant, Hurao

Miami's first ever Chamorro cuisine restaurant


First there was a Momo Sushi Shack pop-up, and now there's Hurao (pronounced (hOO-rO), the latest temporary restaurant to "pop-up" inside the Mondrian South Beach. Slated to open sometime this month it will feature dishes from the country of Guam, known as Chamorro cuisine.

Admittedly, we weren't familiar with exactly what Chamorro cuisine is, but that's because it's apparently the first of its kind serving this cuisine on the East Coast. The menu reads like a mashup of Pacific rim flavors with items like whole steamed snapper with cilantro pesto, "island style" roast pig shank, glazed ribs with pineapple salsa and spicy chicken lollipops, all prepared by executive chef Dustin Atoigue, who is from the area.

Hurao will be open at Mondrian from March through June for dinner nightly.